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Mick and Maz Capewell
Hi, we’re Mick and Mazzy Capewell, and we’re very excited to be presenting The M & M Show on White Cliffs Radio, every Thursday evening 6-7pm Mick is a veteran of over 1000 shows on various Kent stations, and some listeners even managed to stay awake while he was on air. This is Mazzy’s first time as a Co-Presenter although she has appeared in many cameo roles on some of Mick’s shows, usually to help him pronounce difficult foreign names! The M & M Show is mainly about nostalgia…recalling great musical memories from childhood and the “wild” years of our youth. So that means we’ll be playing a mix of Ballads and Beat, Rock n Roll Ravers and Smooth Crooners, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Pop and anything that takes our fancy from the 40s to the 70s. Requests are always most welcome, so if there are songs that you loved that you haven’t heard for years, let us know and we’ll play them for you! Get in touch via the M & M facebook page or e-mail to mick-and-maz@whitecliffsradio.com. We hope you enjoy listening!
M&M Show

Tuesday at 10:00pm , Wednesday at 12:00pm and Thursday at 6:00pm
Poets Minstrels & Troubadours

Tuesday at 3:00am and Thursday at 1:05am

Music is all important to me. I present Music shows, not shows full of me waffling on and on. I’m a music fan, mainly of the “Golden Age” of the 60s and 70s, but I’ll play anything as long as I think it’s good. My attitude is that we’ve had 60+ plus years since the Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution…so why do so many Radio Stations play the same mouldy old Hits over and over again? There are hundreds of thousands of great songs out there, so why not play them